Fallout: Source of Life

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A Post Nuclear Paintball Scenario

Event Date: Apr. 1, 2017
Field: Command Decisions Wargames Center
Event Location: 84 Reganswood Dr. Taylorsville, North Carolina

Event fee (includes HPA):
$30 online pre-reg, $45 day-of

Paint Pricing:
Valken Infinity -> $50 day-of 
Valken Graffiti -> $60 day-of 
Tiberius First Strike -> $85 day-of

Players may add a single case of paint to their registration to save an extra $5.


War. War Never Changes.

The Great War of 2077's devastating nuclear fires changed everything that mankind knew about life, but that was nearly five generations ago. The once overpopulated cityscapes were reduced to rubble and decay. The flora and fauna were poisoned in a manner that only time may heal.

Those who survived were forced to begin again in a harsh, unforgiving world. Over time, groups of individuals started to realize they should pool their resources in order to survive. Not unlike the Ice Age which occurred thousands of years prior, mankind was forced to solely focus on their primitive needs (shelter, food, and water.)

It shouldn't have been any surprise that the volume of available pre-war food and clean water fell exponentially fast. These remnants of a past civilization could not be relied on for long. Many groups became roaming clans/tribes who scoured the landscape for clean water and new sources of food. Two such groups found their way to the Isaac River Basin, where they established a volatile truce.

One such group is the DIVINERS, a tribe who passed the knowledge of how to locate safe water through their oral history. This fierce tribe arrived at the Isaac River Basin nearly three generations ago. Their settlement has been thriving ever since and attracts both merchants and raiders alike.

Roughly a generation ago, the RENEGADES found a map in an old REPCONN Aerospace facility that listed the Isaac River Basin as "possessing unique abilities." After two full moon cycles worth of perilous travel through an unforgiving landscape, they reached the location of REPCONN test site Theta. Inside among numerous strange devices and inoperable machines they found a holotape which explained the unique abilities of the river.

Theta Site | Test #347A Results | 2104/04/01

Eureka! I have proved them all wrong! The unknown minerals in this water are actually preventing my further decay. Oh, uh...

The Isaac River Basin contains scientifically unexplainable properties which not only remove ambient radiation from the water that flows within, but also reduces and may even neutralize the radiation in living beings that ingest it.

This phenomenon is not explained in any of the scientific materials available in the REPCONN database. I must continue my research, I must figure out the minerals that are causing the radiation to dissipate.


The Isaac River is the Source of Life. Both the DIVINERS and RENEGADES have laid claim to its ownership. It's only a matter of time before one incident sets off a tidal wave of conflict, because war, war never changes.