Custom Orders

Are you looking for an easy way to stand out on and off the paintball field?

SM Headwear offers the ability to bring your design to life as one of our headbands. Sorry, it won’t actually be alive but does breathe well, feel free to blame science. Here are the steps you have to follow to get them ordered and delivered to you:

1. Decide on the quantity of headbands that will be ordered. The minimum order is one headband so that you can stand out as an individual or as a group/team.

2a. Contact us at to request the Adobe Photoshop template. All of the layers in the template are labeled for ease of use, including guides that identify the locations of your temples when worn. We will shoot the template over via the interwebs.

2b. If you do not have the capability to design your own headband, we can attempt to line you up with an individual that can assist for a reasonable fee. Unfortunately, we cannot guaranty designer availability at this time.

3. Submit your completed design via e-mail. If we have any questions or need to make any edits prior to production, we will let you know.

4. Submit payment. SM Headwear has the ability to send you an invoice for the order through PayPal or we can create a custom product on our website to use for your purchase. We want to do whichever is easiest for you!

5. Once payment and the design have been received, SM Headwear will order the custom fabric. The turnaround time for us to receive the fabric is usually between 10-14 days.

6. SM Headwear will provide you an update when the custom fabric arrives along with an estimated completion date. The turnaround time for product completion is usually around 7 days. (This timeframe can vary due to seasonal volume.)

7. When your product(s) are complete, we ship them to your door via the United States Postal Service. A tracking number will be provided when your order ships.

8. Wait for your order of fabric awesomeness to arrive at your door.